It is still possible to Live a life of Passion and Purpose!

Do you sometimes ask yourself: is this REALLY how life has to be?! If you are asking..and have a willing spirit, then the answer is: transformation IS possible! The resilience of the human spirit continues to amaze me. Transcendence is always possible. We don't have to feel stuck, alienated, or permanently ''broken,'' no matter how harrowing our stories. Some may not be quite ready to grow and prefer the comfort of a life of quiet desperation - but when you are ready you know it....... you want "more". It is a privilege and honor to be your guide on the journey to your very best self through a process of mindful transformation using the latest tools and techniques as well as cognitive and behavioral approaches. Sessions may be held in person, by telephone or video chat.

Let me help you reclaim your passion and purpose ! Your life is me, Britta Voigt, at (858) 598-4171 for your 15 minute complimentary consultation.