Grief/Loss – Whenever we have any kind of loss, be it by death of a loved one, moving, disability of ourselves or others, job loss, a terminal diagnosis, breakups, or death of a beloved pet – a painful triggering of old unresolved loss can occur.  Grief for the current loss can be intensified, and the time it takes to heal can be greatly prolonged if feelings are not processed promptly.
This magnification of the natural grief process can lead to isolation, depression and anger which may erupt in unexpected and disruptive ways.  Loved ones, colleagues and employers may not understand the behavior for what it is and relationships can be strained. I guide you through this turbulence, expedite your healing and give you the tools to maintain your relationships and quality of life.  

Abuse/Trauma – the impact of trauma can be profound and leave lifetime scars. The initiating events can be varied. Aside from the well known ones (military combat, natural disasters, physical and verbal abuse) trauma may also include being the victim of a crime, a sudden loss of any kind, anauto accident or other accident trauma, living with mental illness, alcoholism in a loved one, and a myriad of other experiences. Counseling, along with EMDR, can aid in integration of the experience and frequently free the sufferer once and for all. 

Compulsive Behaviors  –Whether compulsive routines, sex or pornography, excessive worry or fear, gambling, shopping, gaming,  substances or anything  that holds you in bondage – these habits can be overcome.

 Weight Loss/ Weight Gain -  weight issues frequently have at their core a trauma and/or core negative belief.  Success and well being is very attainable when these issues are resolved. As the well worn saying goes ''It's not what you're eating - it's what's eating YOU"!  All that is needed is a willingness to be open to new ways of seeing your ''story."
Mindful Separation/Divorce – Relationships CAN dissolve in love.  Just because you are no longer workable as a couple, the  common space of love and honor you once experienced is not lost.  Parting can be as holy as coming together when it includes a commitment to staying in a loving relationship even when the form of relationship changes. 

Social Anxiety - anxiety is a general sense of fear or dread or unease that permeates life.  In social situations this can be even greater due to a feeling of being observed or evaluated.  Counseling can help to pinpoint a range of incidences or a single belief which then can be targeted for relief. 

Body Image/Core Negative Beliefs - our image of ourselves is predicated on our beliefs which not only affect the way we feel about our body and ourselves, but what our environment looks like and whether we take good care of ourselves.  Targeting damaging beliefs through supportive counseling can change the way you look at the world, yourself and others.  You can thrive!

Examples of Core Negative Beliefs
Abandonment – Nobody cares about me. I'm all alone. I don't matter.

Arrogance – I'm better than all of you. I'm too much. I'm right and you're wrong.

Damaged – Something is wrong with me. I'm a failure. I'm damaged.

Inferiority – I'm not good enough. I'm stupid. I'm worthless. I'm boring. I'm hopeless.

Rejection – I'm a burden. I'm unwanted. Nobody wants to spend time with me.

Shame – I'm bad. I'm evil. I'm a mistake. I'm a monster. I'm disgusting.