Mindful Transformation of Partnership (Divorce and Separation)

Relationships CAN dissolve in love. Just because you are no longer workable as a couple, the common space of love and honor you once experienced is not lost. Parting can be as holy as coming together with a commitment to staying in a loving relationship even when the form of relationship changes.

When we hope that our challenged relationships willl change and nothing does, we often experience distress, fear and anger. It is possible, however, to use the dissolution of a partnership as a catalyst for transformation from pain to the rediscovery of your true self and a new opportunity to create the life you envision. Divorce or separation is a loss and may be grieved AND celebrated as a portal for a higher love of self and the other.
Our physical body holds our stories and the wisdom to transcend them; it communicates with us just as our conscious mind does, using its own language. Using mindful transformation, we look at the ''mind'' which manages our relationship stories and discover its workings; from there we begin to use the heart as a compass for personal truth.

Questions about how to fulfill your life purpose and participate in your larger community can be outgrowths of mindful inquiry. As you approach the lessons of the relationship as valuable gifts, self confidence and excitement are possible as well.

The words, “I love you” are a reflection of who we are at a particular moment. We may have loved our partner because they offered us belongingness or safety or self esteem. When we can expand into a higher sense of self, understanding the needs we were filling when we got into the relationship, we can then move to a level of wholeness. We can say “I love you” from a place of wholeness. Allowing ourselves to love and celebrate our new growth, and that of our partner, we stay aware that pain may cycle for attention. We can use the heart's wisdom as our true lens to see fresh possibilities that await us.